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Welcome to Savvy Surfer!

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Here at Savvy Surfer it is our mission to help you as parents stay well-informed about the most up-to-date issues surrounding your children’s online activities and empower your children to be responsible and “savvy” about their own choices.

We aim to make the online experience enjoyable and safe for the whole family by providing information that you can trust and educating you in the latest in online technologies, products & services and best practices, through our own experience and research as concerned parents.

By learning how to use the internet safely and responsibly as a parent in the ever-changing internet landscape, you can influence your children to become responsible and ethical digital citizens.

We aim to provide a space where children and teenagers can find out more about how to become savvy in their online choices in a safe environment where parents can trust the information their children are receiving.


We aim to do this by keeping abreast and informing on the following areas:

  1. General issues related to children’s online activity
  2. Parental awareness of their children’s online activities
  3. Guidance to children and teens to ensure savvy online usage
  4. The latest online technologies
  5. The most appropriate age-related products and services
  6. The most appropriate online best practices
  7. Learn from our own experience as parents
  8. Information gleaned through research from worldwide authoritative sources

Happy Savvy Surfing!




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