Hi, I’m Sarah from Savvy Surfer!

The Savvy Surfer blog was born around the same time that I was pregnant with my daughter.  The online landscape has changed significantly since I was a young child.  I realised that I was going to be raising a digital native, whose experience of technology was likely to be vastly different than my own.

Having lived in different countries around the world as an Expat for the last 20 years, I remember the days of no mobiles and expensive, long distance phone calls that were often difficult to negotiate, and searching for internet cafes to be able to email home. My daughter will have a completely different experience of the online world.

The Online World Today

Nowadays, it is much easier (and cheaper) to keep in touch with my family.  Facebook, Twitter, FaceTime, LinkedIn, Skype…. the list goes on.  My family know what is going on with me all the time and that helps us to stay connected.  Although I live abroad, my daughter’s grandparents are able to regularly speak to their granddaughter. In my professional life as a trainer and coach, I no longer have to always be physically present in the workplace. Much of my training now takes place online. The internet has drastically changed how we communicate with people around the world, both socially and professionally.

Sarah Savvy Surfer

Helping our Children to Become Responsible Digital Citizens

Now that I am a mummy to my energetic two-year old daughter, I have a wish to help her to get the most our of her internet experience. However, it has been with some trepidation that I have viewed my daughter’s future interaction with technology.  I am aware that children have more opportunities than ever before. In order to make the most of these opportunities, they need to interact and engage with the latest in today’s online technologies. I am aware, however, that this also opens them up to many risks. As a parent I want to help my children to navigate the online world in a safe and responsible way.

Although it is safe to say that I am no internet “geek” (with full respect to those who are!), I am able to write from my own experience both as a new parent and as a trainer and coach who has worked both with adults and in the youth development arena. In doing so, I hope that you will gain valuable insights that you can use with your own children to help them become responsible “Savvy Surfers”.

Happy Savvy Surfing!

Sarah Anthony – Founder of Savvy Surfer


How Did This Website Become A Reality

I built the Savvy Surfer website with the help and support of Wealthy Affiliate. Deciding to build a website and to make it into a business is not an easy job.  To decide to do it by yourself is much harder, but there are so many Internet scams out there and it’s also not a simple job knowing who you can trust.  As someone who is passionate about being savvy online, I put a lot of research into finding a trustworthy community which would teach me everything I needed to know about starting my own website.  And I definitely found it in Wealthy Affiliate!   Without the Wealthy Affiliate team and it’s supportive community, building Savvy Surfer may not have happened at all! For anyone looking to write a blog or build a website, I would highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate.


Blog By Numbers Ebook Light2

Suzi at Start a Mom Blog was an invaluable resource for me with her simple-to-implement information in her Blog By Numbers e-book and online course.  Suzi’s lessons were what helped me to get my website looking more professional.  She is always on-hand to personally answer your questions and her passion for helping other mums (or moms) to successfully build their blogs.  Once again, I highly recommend Suzi’s e-book and course, even if you have zero experience of blogging!