Protecting Your Children Online with Net Nanny

If you have read other articles on the Savvy Surfer website, you will know some of the dangers that your kids can be exposed to online. My take has always been that parents should take responsibility for educating their child and teach their children to be accountable for their online actions.  As a result, in the past, I have tended to shy away from recommending using technology, such as Net Nanny, to act as a babysitter for our children.

I am aware, however, that parents cannot be everywhere. It only takes a click for our children to come parent and child on internetacross a website with inappropriate content. Last week, I turned away from my daughter for only moments before realising that she had unwittingly clicked onto a rather disturbing version of Frozen on YouTube.

With our children potentially being subject to online bullying or becoming victims of so-called sexual predators, having parental control software is practically a must for parents nowadays. My caveat is that this should be coupled with good communication with your kids alongside educating them on safe use of the Internet. Even the most reliable software will not catch everything.

That said, using parental control software can give parents a greater sense of control and peace of mind. It can also save your kids and yourself from unpleasant situations. In this parental control software review, we will present to you Net Nanny, one of the most effective parental control software programmes out there. We will talk about its features and how you can use it for better parental control.

Choose the Content Your Children Can Access

First of all, Net Nanny allows you to filter and block certain content, based on your preferences.  You can choose what your kids can see by blocking specific websites or content. Net Nanny also enables you to set different levels of protection for different users. This is a useful feature so that you can access websites that might not be as appropriate for children or to allow a greater level of access when you have children of different ages.

Porn Blocking Software

One of the main features of Net Nanny is that it blocks pornography. It can either totally block access to pornographic or adult content websites or you can ask it to warn you about it. This allows you to have total control on what each family member can or cannot access.

Profanity Masking

Another useful feature of Net Nanny is it’s ability to mask profanity. If you select this feature, then the parental control software will mask and change vulgar or inappropriate language. This means that children can continue to view web pages that are otherwise be suitable, but will be protected from viewing any profane words, for example in comments sections.

Time Management Features

Net Nanny also offers time management features, meaning that you will be able to monitor how much time your children are spending online.  You can also manage the amount of time and specifically when your child is able to access the Internet. If you want to restrict the times that your child is online, you can do that with Net Nanny.

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Net Nanny gives you options for how you wish to receive reports and has the ability for you to receive instant notifications for those situations where you might need to give immediate attention, for example, in the case of cyberbullying.You can set the Net Nanny software to send you summary alerts and reports to your email. The admin console is on the cloud, which means that you are able to check your child’s online activity remotely. Additionally you can change the settings of the parental control software at any time. You are able to unblock any websites that have been accidentally blocked should Net Nanny be a little over-zealous.


Savvy Surfer’s Verdict on Net Nanny

Net Nanny is easy to use, as well as featuring rich parental control software that will improve the online security of your children. You can watch their activity, stop them from opening and seeing malicious content and porn or simply manage the time they spend online. It is one of the most powerful and versatile internet protection software on the market and enables you to have peace of mind while your child surfs the net.

We hope that this review has helped you to understand the benefits of one of the best parental control software available online.  To find out more, visit

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