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Here at Savvy Surfer it is our mission to help you as parents stay well informed about the most up-to-date issues surrounding your children’s online activities and empower your children to be responsible and “savvy” about their own choices.

We aim to make the online experience enjoyable and safe for the whole family by providing information that you can trust and educating you in the latest in online technologies, products & services and best practices, through our own experience and research as concerned parents.

By learning how to use the internet safely and responsibly as a parent in the ever-changing internet landscape, you can influence your children to become responsible and ethical digital citizens.

We aim to provide a space where children and teenagers can find out more about how to become savvy in their online choices in a safe environment where parents can trust the information their children are receiving.



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Here are some of the topics you can read about on the Savvy Surfer website

Protecting your Children online

Protecting your child from the dangers of the Internet including protecting them from strangers and cyberbullying.

Healthy screen habits

Giving parents information about the latest recommendations and giving practical advice on how to navigate the hurdles when handling screen time with your kids.

Speaking to your children

How to keep the communication lines open with your child about their internet use and how to have the difficult conversations when things go wrong.

Happy Savvy Surfing!

Teach your Child to Create a Strong Password

One of the first things you will need to teach your child when they set up their first email - or social media - account, is about the importance of using a strong, secure password and keeping it safe.   This means teaching them how to create a strong password...

Childhood Obesity – Is Technology To Blame?

One subject that you can guarantee will get a heated reaction from me is when discussing the advertising strategies of the fast food and fizzy drinks industry. I have to admit that it’s often very cleverly done - some of the advertisements have such a ‘feel-good...

Being Savvy About Backing Up Your Data

I write this article feeling rather shame-faced. I, Sarah - the supposed “Savvy Surfer” - almost lost all of my data from my computer recently, because I had failed to back it up properly. My computer spectacularly crashed earlier this week when I plugged a simple...